Lay-By Information

What is a LAYBY?

A lay-by agreement lets you buy a product and pay for it in two or more instalments before taking it home or having it shipped.

Lay-bys make large purchases more affordable as it allows you time to make your payments rather than having to make a less affordable lump sum payment.

How do our LAYBYS work?

You can LAYBY your order in the cart by entering this code to the coupon box: LAYBY10%DEPOSIT or LAYBY20%DEPOSIT

Once you enter the code, you will see the balance of your Lay-by after your initial deposit. You will also see the deposit amount plus shipping in the Order Total.

10% Deposit + Shipping is paid together.

20% Deposit + Shipping is paid together.

Once the Lay-by is submitted, a payment schedule is set up to be deducted from your credit card.

Automatic Payment Schedule is set up with our secure payment gateway Eway.

There are no extra fees to set up the layby.

What do i need to know?

10% termination fee is applied to any lay-by being cancelled. (Shipping and any other monies paid after deducting the 10% termination fee are refunded back to your card). 10% refers to 10% of the total price of the products in the lay-by. Example: if a product is $799 then the termination fee for that product is $79.90. NOTE: the termination fee is 10% of the price of the product and NOT 10% of the deposit amount paid for the product.

We try to be as flexible as possible, however, any changes to the lay-by: products, address, amounts, colors, prices, failed payment etc must be requested via email as fees and/ or delays may apply depending on the change being made. We do not guarantee the change can be accommodated.

AFTERPAY is not accepted as payment option for payments of laybys. That is, if you are using the lay-by code then you're NOT using Atperpay at checkout. Any lay-by that comes through with Afterpay Payments will be cancelled and refunded.

The codes are used to enable you to make you initial deposit payment of the lay-by and are not the full payment of the products/ order on lay-by.

For more information on your consumer rights regarding Layby, please visit this link: