Safety1st Welcome Baby Nursery Kit Arctic Blue

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  • Safety1st Welcome Baby Nursery Kit Arctic Blue


Combines essential baby care items neatly in a quick trip nappy bag

  • Quick Trip Nappy Bag - Secure zippered compartments with clear-view windows and bonus compartment for convenient access to baby wipes
  • Changing Mat - Soft, compact mat; 60cm x 27cm
  • Nappy Wipes - Container Sturdy case for convenient and portable storage of wipes; fits in compartment
  • Digital Thermometer - Multiple modes: oral, rectal or underarm
  • Finger Gum Simulator - Soothes sensitive gums as teeth emerge
  • Easy Grip Toddler Toothbrush - Large, soft-touch handle
  • Steady Grip Nail Clippers - Non-slip handle and curved cutting edges
  • 6 Emery Boards - Stress-free nail shaping
  • Easy Grip Brush - Large, soft-touch handle with gentle bristles
  • Easy Grip Comb - Soft-touch handle with fine and wide-toothed ends
  • Cradle Cap Comb - Gently removes flaking skin from scalp
  • Easy Fill Medicine - Syringe Curved grip
  • Bottle Medicine Dispenser - Easily dispenses medicine in a familiar way
  • Clear Tip Nasal Aspirator - Small flexible tip plus visual reassurance
  • Emergency Contact Card - Compact, handy reference card
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